How to write a petition letter for immigration

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Sponsor Letter Sample Post by amybaniya» Wed May 27, pm Hi, I have posted here once before asking for some advice on how to write my sponsor letter for.

The Form I, Affidavit of Support is required in virtually all family-based immigration cases. By signing the Form I, a sponsor agrees to provide any income necessary to ensure the immigrant has income at % of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

You may write your letter using the same address where you filed the I petition. Refer to USCIS page for I Or, if you used CitizenPath’s I preparation service, refer to the custom filing instructions that we provided to you. National Interest Waiver cover letter (or petition letter) is powerful instrument which “sells” all important facts convincing USCIS examiner that he / she should grant applicant permanent residency.

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My covering petition letter is written in the third person, but my supporting documents include an additional personal statement which is written in the first person as evidence of intent to work.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

How to write a petition letter for immigration
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Immigration: Requests for Evidence, Notice of Intent to Deny, and Denial Letters -