How to write a proposal letter for a fundraiser

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Write a Letter of Request or Favor for Fundraising/Charity Event

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Sponsorship Levels Template Example

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How to Write a Proposal for a Fundraiser

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How to Write a Proposal for a Fundraiser

As much a proponent as I am of face-to-face asking, much of our work involves writing fundraising letters for our direct mail program. When I was the head of a small office (a one person office!), I didn't have professional copywriters built into our budget.

Fundraising Proposal Letter Project proposal writing. Learn how to write a project proposal that gets your project funded. Try our award-winning PM software for free: Fundraising Proposal Sample Excellent Charity Template With Cover within Fundraising Proposal Letter.

Our charity, (Charity Name), is planning a fundraiser to benefit (reason for the fundraiser). We are sending you this letter to request the favor of using your space during the fundraising event. We will mention your donation of space in all of our flyers and advertisement.

Address the letter to a specific individual. Introduce yourself and note the recipient’s connection to your cause.

Fundraising from local businesses

For example, “My name is Sally Smith and I’m writing to you as the head of the Basic Elementary School’s Science and Technology advisory committee. A good personal letter requires careful consideration of both your cause and the recipient—but it doesn’t have to be hard to write.

To make it easy to share your gratitude, we’ve put together some helpful hints, along with a handful of donation thank-you letter templates. Home > *Fundraising Letters, Donation Requests > Sample Proposal Letter: How to Write an Environmental Proposal Pitch that Appeals to Funders “Green” is in, and more and more funders are giving to environmental causes, but donations to environmental nonprofits and projects still only constitute around 7% of US philanthropy (Giving USA).

How to write a proposal letter for a fundraiser
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Fundraising Letters: 7 Examples to Craft a Great Fundraising Ask