How to write an equation of a line

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Writing linear equations using the slope-intercept form

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The Numerist

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Don't do it. d) Write the equation of the line passing through these points in standard form.

Find the Equation of a Line Given That You Know Two Points it Passes Through

e) Write the equation of any line which is perpendicular to this line. f) Write the equation of a line which is parallel to this line which passes through the point. If you are asked to find the equation of a line and are not told which form to use, the point-slope or slope-intercept forms are both acceptable options.

Standard Form of the Equation of a Line One of the most common ways to write the equation of a line is. Nov 07,  · To find the equation of a line when you are given a point and the slope, use the equation b = y - mx.

In this equation, b is the y-intercept, y is the y-coordinate of the point, x is the x-coordinate of the point, and m is the slope%(3). Trying to find the equation of a horizontal line that goes through a given point? Remember that vertical lines only have a 'y' value and no 'x' value.

Follow along with this tutorial as you see how use the information given to write the equation of a horizontal line. The equation of a line can be written in a form that gives away the slope and allows you to draw the line without any computation. If students are comfortable with solving a simple two-step linear equation, they can write linear equations in slope-intercept form.

How to write an equation of a line
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Equations of Horizontal Lines