Write a java code for merge sort and explain with examples

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Divide and conquer algorithms

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Merge Sort

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What is a “Version Control System (VCS)” and why do we need one?

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Seeking advice/guidance on how to merge two pre existing/working code

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Spark SQL, DataFrames and Datasets Guide

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"Bogosort" is a perversely inefficient algorithm only used as an in-joke. Its average run-time is O(n!) because the chance that any given shuffle of a set will end up in sorted order is about one in n factorial, and the worst case is infinite since there's no guarantee.

Write a Java program to sort an array of positive integers of an given array, in the sorted array the value of the first element should be maximum, second value should be minimum value, third should be second maximum, fourth second be second minimum and so on.

Getting to the merge-sort, I notice two things: first, it looks to me like it should be written as a function-object, with merge as a private member function (and note that the same applies in other cases as well, such as partition as a private member function of a quicksort function object).

Other than that, I'm still left scratching my head. Bubble sorting is one of the simplest sorting algorithm that we can use to sort an array or a structure. Though it is so simple to implement in a C program, bubble sort is also considered as an inefficient sorting algorithm. The exchange sort is similar to the bubble sort, in that it compares elements of the array and swaps those that are out of order.

The exchange sort compares the first element with each following element of the array, making any necessary swaps.

Write a java code for merge sort and explain with examples
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